Wedding Bells Are Ringing—Again! And Everyone Is Invited!

The Mexico Beach Community Development Council (CDC) is busy planning its 2017 Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony to be held on the beach near Sunset Park on April 8. This third annual event invites all married couples to renew their lasting promises before friends, family and a spectacular sunset on the Gulf of Mexico.

Enjoy a trip to the beach and take part in the ceremony! It will be followed by a complimentary reception with refreshments and music; family and friends are invited. The CDC asks that all couples who wish to participate in the 2017 Mexico Beach Vow Renewal Ceremony kindly RSVP using the form below.



Couples seeking a place to stay during their trip for the Mexico Beach Vow Renewal Ceremony can visit to discover lodging options that include inns and motels, beach houses, condominiums and campgrounds. Exploring Mexico Beach is the perfect way to enjoy a vow renewal honeymoon and spend time with the special people in your life!