You’re Invited! 2016 Vow Renewal Ceremony

Here in Mexico Beach, Florida, we love weddings! They are truly magical, from the love shown by those making a commitment to the ones they love, to family and friends joining in the celebration. Couples travel to our white shores from around the country to tie the knot with a lasting promise and to celebrate with family and friends. Last year, we decided to invite them back to Mexico Beach to renew their vows during our special mass vow renewal ceremony at Sunset Park! We had a great turnout, with about twenty couples who were married in Mexico Beach traveling back to us for the celebration of love, followed by a complimentary reception at the El Governor Motel.

This year, we will once again host the Mexico Beach Vow Renewal Ceremony—but we don’t want to leave anyone out! Whether you were married on our beaches or not, you’re invited to come and join us to renew your vows and celebrate life and love together. The Vow Renewal Ceremony will be held Saturday, April 16, 2016, at Sunset Park, with a complimentary reception to follow.

2015 Mexico Beach Vow Renewal Ceremony Video:

Couples will have the chance to renew their vows as the sun sets and dips beneath the horizon on the Gulf of Mexico. Come enjoy the fantastic spring weather we’re having and make it a romantic getaway, or a celebration with the whole family! We’ve got great beach houses and inns just waiting for you to plan your trip to Mexico Beach.

The Vow Renewal Ceremony is free for those who wish to participate, and all couples will have the chance to personally renew their vows and have their photos taken on the beach. We ask that you kindly RSVP if you would like to participate, so we can accommodate all our guests for the reception! Wedding bells are ringing, again!

To RSVP, please fill out the form located here: