Mexico Beach, Florida Shelling Guide

Hunting for seashells is a treasured pastime on beach vacations. With our Shelling Guide, you’ll find the perfect souvenir along the Unforgettable Coast of Mexico Beach, Florida.

Whether you’re six or sixty, there is something exciting about finding a perfect shell nestled in the sugar-white sand of Florida’s Northwest Coast. The waves of the Gulf of Mexico deposit thousands of beautiful shells each year. You may find a small tulip shell on your morning stroll or discover a keyhole sand dollar as you watch the sunset. Before you know it, you’ll have collected a seashell for each day—unforgettable souvenirs from your Mexico Beach vacation. There is something youthful and exciting that seashell collecting brings out; the thrill of finding a shark eye moon or a Florida fighting conch may quickly become a highlight of your vacation. With miles of shoreline, the Gulf provides plenty of hunting ground for the whole family!

Mexico Beach Florida Shelling Guide

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