News and New Additions

This month, we give a tip of the firefighter’s helmet to our Mexico Beach Fire Department and Public Safety services. Chief Sandy Walker secured a state grant that allowed the department to purchase a new pumper truck for its firefighting arsenal. This latest addition to the department brings the number of fire and safety vehicles to three, providing enhanced capability for our community’s needs. Congratulations, Chief Walker, and thank you to all those who help protect our residents and visitors in times of need.

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Springtime and Sunshine

It’s springtime here at the beach, and it has been busy. The sand is beautiful, the waters are warmer, and beach activity is in full swing, with families enjoying the shore. Also, our fishermen are enjoying those early morning castings off the sand, hoping to reel in the big one. Will we truly know if they do? We are also experiencing breathtaking sunsets and often overlook our sunrises. So, when we decide to get up early, we can enjoy the impressive cloud formations over the beach with the sunrise painting the skyline. We truly live in paradise and hope you will visit this spring or summer!

Thar She Blows!

It was a welcoming sight and a wonderful addition last month when the new City dredge arrived in our little fishing village. It looks somewhat like the old dredge but is more powerful, quieter, and has better fuel efficiency. The new dredge has state-of-the-art mechanics that will improve the ability to keep the canal open and free from sand traps as much as possible with weather factors. This arrival received a warm welcome, and it’s an excellent way to start our beach season off on a positive note. The beaches are beautiful, the canal is open, and we are ready to welcome all our visitors for spring and summer. Y’all come visit!

Love & Gumbo!

February is the month of love, and what could be more lovely than gumbo? Our world-famous Gumbo Cook-Off is just days away, and we are ready! The cook-off will take place at the Boat Ramp Park and is sure to bring all the flavor, fun, and love. Live music by Stainless Steel, award-winning gumbos and Brunswick stews to taste, desserts to enjoy, beverages, and free beads will ensure your day in Mexico Beach is lovely. We hope you’ll mark your calendars to enjoy not only February 17 but all month here in Mexico Beach!

Happy New Year from the Beach!

It’s the start of a new year here in Mexico Beach, and we’re excited to see all the great things 2024 brings to our beaches. Our beaches are spectacular, and we are continually improving. A new addition to our beach town is a playground located at Parker Park. Donated by the Bay County Chamber Leadership Bay Class of 2023, this playground will give kids and parents endless memories. We hope all ages will enjoy this new addition for many years to come.